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Christmas Event Booking and Information - 2023

It's that time of year when the world falls in love.........

YaYa's Christmas with the Alpacas 2023 Event Information

**Announcement will occur Via Facebook on November 1st, the calendar will become available after the announcement.**

This event is celebrating its 6th year. The YaYa's love being able to provide a fun, relaxing holiday experience for each of you. 

This event started as a way to celebrate the holidays and to give back to those who have spent time with us or those who have yet to experience our farm. Mrs. YaYa always wanted to find a way to recapture that feeling you had as a kid at Christmas, which is not easy, and YaYa wants all of you to experience the love and joy. So, from those memories we have created this event!

We light this farm up! Lights on all the tree's, Barns, Christmas barn with a 180 year old sleigh, Nativity, and the alpaca pasture with beautiful blue and white lights. Ending in the barn all decked out with more Christmas cheer. Each year we try to add something new.

It has become a family tradition for so many!

We love how everyone comes together as strangers and leave as friends, smiles, laughter and pure joy radiate from all of you.

Event Dates and Hours of Operation

Dates: Beginning: November 24th,  Ending December 30th

Hours: Every 30 minutes starting at 4:30pm and Ending 7:00pm

Amount of people per tour: 25-30

COST: $TBD per person, kids 3 and under free.

Pay online. Please plan for check in time so we can stay on time.

You MUST schedule a booking to attend this event! If you do not get a confirmation email, you are not

scheduled. Call 816-255-8146 to check on your booking if you have concerns.

Attendance Information:


If you are not able to keep your booking, please call us and cancel (text or email). We understand life

happens and people change their minds. What is difficult are the amount of no-shows, we want to give as

many people an opportunity to attend this event. Please let us know if you cannot make it.

If you are sick or exposed to any illness, please stay home. We will do all we can to reschedule you.

 Tickets will only be refunded if you call 816-255-8146 or email [email protected] before

your scheduled time. If it is a no call/no show they will not be refunded. You may transfer your tickets to

family and friends, please let us know if you do so we know who to expect.

The Store is open until 8pm on the days of the event. Please check out our online store as well.


Question and Answers:

1. Do I have to schedule a time to attend?

  Yes, each person from newborn and up must have a ticket to attend. 

2. Is this event inside or outside?

  This event is both. You will spend approximately 5 min inside receiving instructions and rules.

  You will then be outside approximately 25 minutes with the alpacas.

  You will end in the Store area and the amount of time spent inside will be up to you.

3. Do you have refreshments?

   No, we do not serve any food or drinks for this event.

4. What ages will enjoy this event?

  This event is about enjoying the holidays! It is geared towards families and friends of all ages. For

         those of us who are older, it is about capturing those amazing feelings we had as kids!

5.  Is it easy to get tickets?

  Book on line through our website. Tickets can be hard to get after about 2-3 weeks so plan early!

If you don't see availability, please call Mrs. YaYa at 816-255-8146 or email her at                             

[email protected]

We want to help you find a date and time, if you can't find what you need or have  issues

6. How much walking is there for this event?

      There is a moderate amount of walking. We are wheelchair accessible, walkers etc. For those who have a great deal of trouble, we have an alternate path to get you out to the alpacas under the lights!

7.  Parking

  While we do not have a great deal of parking, we can get everyone in as long as we work together.  

  Please park as close as you can to each other, follow directions of the staff assisting you.

Carpool if you can.

  NO parking on the drive or in grassy areas.

8. Pictures

  We do not have staff on site for pictures. Please bring your cameras, or cell phones for pictures.

9. Illness

  If you are sick, exposed to illness, don't come, let us re-schedule you!

We reserve the right to send you home if you arrive ill.

10. No alcoholic beverages, food, snacks, candy, gum, permitted.


This event is a blessing, and joy for both of us. We are grateful for each and every one of you!

We hope you enjoy another magical year at the farm


Terms & Conditions [Click HERE]

Friday, January 6, 2023


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