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Tour Information

YaYa's Experience with the alpacas A MUST see tour!

Farm Tours

Open for scheduled tours at 10:30am and 1:30pm  (by appointment)

***Note: if you book a tour and do not receive your ticket in an email [check your spam folder], you do not have a scheduled tour. If you do not receive the email, please call 816-255-8146 so we can assist you.***

Store Hours: 10:00am - 5:00pm Tuesday thru Sunday


Holiday closings: April 8th, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, November 1st, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, December 24 through January 15th (or as required)

Addition Closings: April 15-19th, 2024- Closed for Shearing, Herd Health Days and others days as needed for farm maintenance- 2024

Thank You for understanding .

Winter Schedule: [Labor Day to Memorial Day closed on Monday and Tuesday to regular tours. Store remains open]

*January and February, we will be closing the 1:30pm tours in 2024 as part of our new schedule. 

Summer Schedule: [Memorial Day to Labor Day closed on Monday, Store remains open Tuesday thru Sunday]

Farm Tours last approximately 1.5 to 2.0 hours.

The first 45 minutes you will learn about the alpaca's; during this time you will have 4-6 alpaca's roaming around the room with you.

The next 30 minutes you will be outside with the female herd, feeding, petting, and taking pictures. It is a perfect opportunity to ask questions and enjoy our amazing herd.

The last 30 minutes you will learn about their fiber. We will let you (as a group) use our machines. The group will make a project together and at the end each person will receive a part of what you make. 

**Please note: we cannot tell you if this is appropriate for children under 4, as you know your children. We do not have any toddler specific activities toys or games to keep them entertained during this tour. Please see the Q&A below for more details.

*Please call 816-255-8146 for any additional questions. Below are answers to our most commonly asked questions:

*Note: When you pay for your tickets using a card or PayPal you will see the transaction on your bank account under Karl Blandin (aka YaYa) If you have any questions, please call us before you dispute charges so we have an opportunity to assist you.


1. Can we just come feed and pet the alpaca's without the tour? 

  No, in order to visit the alpaca's you must pre-book a tour at our farm. 

2. Do we have to buy feed?

No, this is provided as part of your scheduled tour. We do accept donations to help with feed costs.

3. Can we just walk in and visit the alpaca's?

  No, you must schedule a tour to visit the alpaca's.

4. Are you handicap accessible?

 Yes, our facilities will accommodate wheelchairs, walkers etc. For those who need to sit, we have benches and chairs inside and outside for your use.

5. Is there a lot of walking on the tour?

  No, this is a low activity experience

6. Do you have refreshments at your farm?

 No, not at this time. Please bring your drinks if needed. We do not allow candy, gum, food, snacks in our barns, or in our  pastures.

 You will leave your drinks inside when we go to the pasture to visit the alpaca's.

Food is not allowed in our store area of in pastures with alpacas.

 7. Are there places to eat near YaYa's?

 Yes, Reynold's Cafe in Garden City, The Orchard, Best Burrito, and more are within 8 miles or less from our farm. The food is great at the places listed!

  We do have picnic tables you are welcome to enjoy!

8. Is the store open every day?

  Yes, we are open from 10am - 5pm Tuesday thru Sunday.

         *We do close based on herd health days, shearing, shows and other urgent issues.

9. Do I need to buy a ticket for my infant/toddler?

  Yes, while age 2 and under are free we do still require a ticket.

10. Is this an activity for my newborn/Toddler?

  No, the best age is 4 and up. Age 3 and under must be in parents arms or in a stroller.

**Please note: The first part of the tour last 45 minutes inside, 30 minutes outside with the alpacas and 30 additional minutes learning about fiber while we as a group create fabric to share with everyone. It is up to the parents to decide if this is an appropriate activity given the childs age.

11. Can we have food, snacks, drinks etc during the tour?

 No, many foods are toxic to alpacas. If you do bring food/snacks you must eat them outside at the picnic tables only. All snacks, gum, candy, and foods are not allowed in the barns or in alpaca areas. We do allow drinks in a closed container in the barn (Store/auditorium) area, however, we do not allow them in our alpaca areas.

12. Is this activity all inside or outside?

 This activity is both. Our auditorium holds a maximum of 50 people, currently we are keeping the group size around 30-40. We are inside 45 minutes, outside 30 minutes, and back inside for another 30 minutes. 

13. Parents are responsible for ensuring children follow all rules at all times. 

While we provide the rules in person, on the ticketing web site and here, if a child is not being monitored and not following rules we will ask you to remove the child from the pasture areas.

14. Why does the ticket price appear different on other web sites? 

We are not responsible for old internet information or other web sites. For the most up to date information, you are on the correct website here. Information here updated weekly, monthly or as needed.

15. Can we bring our Service Animal, Emotional Support Animal, or pet to the farm?

No, While the ADA does state you can take these animals with you there is an exception. When the service/companion/pet can increase risk, or cause legitimate safety conerns, we can exclude them from our farm. (See question 25 and 26 of the ADA questions related to service animals). Dogs are natural predators, this  will increase risk to guests, alpacas, and the service animal. Therefore we do not allow them on our property. 


**This is a working farm, parents/adults are responsible for monitoring their children at all times** 

Cancellation Policy: [Click HERE]

Farm Rules: [Click HERE] Please read!


Thursday, April 11, 2024