YaYa's Alpaca Farm

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More Fun At The Farm


Alpacas are great to have around, just to go out to the pasture, and hang out and clear your head. If you have had a rough day, they will change your attitude immediately. After all who could frown with these cute faces looking back at you.  Alpacas are very easy on fences, unlike horses, they aren't always leaning on them to see if something is better on the other side.

Alpacas hum when they are happy, or when they are mad. They can be trained to walk on a halter, and are very good with little kids. They do not have top front teeth. So it is very unusual to be hurt by being bit, and they have pads and toes, instead of hooves. So even if you were to get kicked, which would be unusual, it really doesn't hurt.

 Ok, last but not least, the farm is named Ya Ya's because one of my precious grand daughters calls me Ya Ya, and the name stuck. 

If you are interested in owning one of these, give me a call to set up a time you can come out for a visit, and see what these creatures are all about!

Saturday, January 20, 2024