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March 30th, 2022 First Cria of the year!

Wednesday we had a big surprise! Welcome our new 2022 arrival, the first one this year.

She must have been in a hurry as she arrived a month early. Not sure if the storm that came thru the night before helped or just an early baby, either way she made it here.

Weighed in at a perfect 16 pounds and 2 ounces. Long legs straight as an arrow, and strength just like her daddy [YYAF Rainier].

It was a cold one outside when we found her. We scooped her up and brought mom [Halo] and baby inside to get her dried and warm. Took a bit, but once she started she did great, up on those long legs, trying to nurse and walk.

Our sweet girl is number 65 in our family! If you know YaYa and Mrs. YaYa, you know these sweet alpacas are their kids.
Love is not lacking for all of them on this farm either.

Today we finalized her name and from now on she will be known as "Halo's Sunflower".

We hope you enjoy the pictures and we hope you can come see her soon.

Watch out we have one due April 7th and two more on April 27th. Looks to be a busy year on the farm.

Many Blessings!
Mr. and Mrs. YaYa