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Christmas 2023

I want to thank everyone who attended the Christmas event this year! The joy you bring us is immeasurable!

We hope you found the joy we hope to help you find, we hope the memories last a life time. 

This year was YaYa's first since his medical emergency in 2022 and what a joy it was for him to be here with all of you. YaYa got to meet some of his medical miracle workers this year which really helped him. I want to Thank all of

Summer Heat 2023

Day in the life on an alpaca farm

Many farms know the work it takes to care for the animals. We are no exception, we just have alpaca's.

Each day starts pretty much the same, up at 5:30am, get the beet pulp soaking in water, a good sources of protein and they love it! It is rather funny because they know the routine and if I don't have the beet pulp in their barn by 7:30am I am greeted by the stares of each one patiently waiting!

We check the water make sure buckets are clean and full of fresh water. We sw

March 30th, 2022 First Cria of the year!

Wednesday we had a big surprise! Welcome our new 2022 arrival, the first one this year.

She must have been in a hurry as she arrived a month early. Not sure if the storm that came thru the night before helped or just an early baby, either way she made it here.

Weighed in at a perfect 16 pounds and 2 ounces. Long legs straight as an arrow, and strength just like her daddy [YYAF Rainier].

It was a cold one outside when we found her. We scooped her up and brought

Mrs YaYa' Felted Alpaca Hats

This year I have ventured to a new area of working with the alpaca fiber. I am now making beautiful wet felted alpaca fiber hats. When I was young I was always intrigued by my dad's cowboy hats and thought how neat it would be to make hats. Who knew many years later I would find the opportunity to do so.

I started out working on these during our winter slow time. With Soap, water and strategically placed fiber I began wet felting the hats. I found pure joy working with the fiber and

Road Trip Alert ! Visit Yaya's Alpaca Farm on the way to Branson, Springfield and Truman Lake!

Stop in for a farm tour the next time you are heading toward Branson or Truman Lake! We are conveniently located 1 1/2 miles north of 7 Highway just west of Garden City Missouri. We have tour times of 10:30AM , 1:30pm and 3:30pm. If we are not booked up, you may join one of our tours in our heated and air conditioned barn that we offer seven days a week. Come say Hi , feed, learn about and photograph our large herd of alpacas. Shop our store for alpaca products! We hope that our farm tour wi

Won't Be long before Spring!

Ok, it's getting a little tiresome, the grey clouds and cold temperatures. We want to go outside and do some real yard work, smell fresh cut grass, plant the garden, and just all in all make a new beginning.

The alpacas with all the fleece they have, actually seem more comfortable in 20 degrees than 75 degrees. Went out this morning, and they had snow all over their backs, and although it looked frigid to me, they didn't even notice.

I'm looking forward to Easter, as that