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New Baby Cria December 19, 2017

We have been spending most of our nights working at Worlds of Fun Winter Fest Artisan alley, with this came long hours and late nights. On this particular night as we pulled in the drive I noticed the Alpaca girls were not all laying down next to the hay, they were in a huddle (like football players getting ready for the next play) looking down at something. It was 11:30 pm and what could they possibly be looking at!

With phone flash lights in hand I went in and looked down at the place they were and there it was, a new Cria born on a cold night. Wait, it is 11:30 pm and it is 20 degrees outside this is all wrong!

We grabbed the baby and took it to the warmer part of the barn and of course Satin right along with us. I don't think we realized how quick we had hay, and an area with gates for a small pen for the two of them all set up but so it began, the attempts at first steps, and finding the balance of leaving things be so mom and baby could bond but get that cutie dried off as quickly as we could.

After a bit we decided it was time to take that baby in where the heated part of the barn is and really get things warmed up. Baby was walking all wobbly at this point and was trying to nurse on mom life is good at this point. Cria Coat didn't seem to do much for warmth so I grabbed a red sweater (Christmas sweater to boot) and that seemed to do the trick. We stayed up until 3:00 am making sire the heat was sufficient, mom and baby happy and off to bed we went.

What a special baby born this special time of year we named her Christmas!

January 02, 2018